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For just £5 per year, full membership offers a number of benefits to your entire household.

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As a member, the PPRA committee are able to represent any issues or concerns you may have with your home or other neighbourhood matters.

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Our members receive regular association updates as well as communications on local news and events happening in and around Eastcote.

Exclusive Offers

As a member, you will receive exclusive invitations to events and a number of other great offers. We have many exciting and unique events planned in 2015/16.

Voting Rights

Members get full voting rights at the AGM and other public meetings, and are eligible to be elected to stand on the PPRA committee to help shape the future.

What we do

Pembroke Park Sign

The PPRA has achieved a number of important changes since its formation including, amongst other things, holding the estate managers to account and subsequently achieving reduced service charges for residents. We have also continued to lobby for clearer signage which has resulted in a reduction in on-site traffic speeds and improved the overall living standards for many.

At present the PPRA are representing numerous major projects on behalf of our residents. We're currently working with the developers to take ownership of the community centre, we're also in discussions with BT to find a way to bring fibre broadband services to the estate and we are also working with the local councillors and MP on numerous other issues.

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